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why a Bastiat Free University?

Not a standard BFU FAQ


Why was Bastiat Free University created and what does BFU hope to accomplish?


"Bastiat Free University is not being built to segment and distribute information - BFU already exists as a catalyst for re-igniting your love of learning.." - Allan R. Wallace


BFU was founded due to frustration, and is based on hope and faith.


Frustration with existing college systems that are institutionalized relics of another age. Monolithic educational systems of the industrial age are cranking out human cogs to fit in social machines that are increasingly out of date. Sadly information technologies are enabling these degree mills to increase diploma production just as demand for graduates is diminishing at shrinking bureaucracies.


Hope has been inspired that the same technologies enabling bureaucracy growth are also undermining their ability to exist. The only contribution performed by huge institutions was to the masses by providing "one size fits most" services.


Individuals are now using technology to create a personal "perfect fit society" where wide selective choice is competitively priced. Once the large bureaucracies implosion is complete; everyone's life style can be enhanced. Hope does not however diminish the dangers inherent in the collapse of large organizations.


Faith allows us to look past the blue prints of hope and see a finished structure. The educational industry has tied its reason for existence to the past; better jobs, more promotions, better income -- all features of its vocational training for industrial age bureaucracies.


Bastiat Free University has thus become necessary as a learning tool for the Netcohort Age. The freedoms and personal responsibility of the Netcohort demand a college that will let them select and pursue their own dreams on their own terms; singly and as a part of transient teams.


"The risks and rewards of creative entrepreneurship are greater, and of far more value to society, than any illusions of security that enslave human cogs in a social machine." - Allan Wallace


We are aware that Bastiat Free University is too soon, but we are also aware that it will be needed. With our limited resources we are digging a foundation. Not much to look at, but required when the time is right to construct the flexible structure.


You know us with a shovel in our hand. Hopefully you will stay with us as we assist in construction of this new era of individualistic achievement. You can help provide some of the adaptable structures the creative netcohort requires.


"We knew that Google was going to get better every single day as we worked on it, and we knew that sooner or later, everyone was going to try it. So our feeling was that the later you tried it, the better it was for us because we'd make a better impression with better technology. So we were never in a big hurry to get you to use it today. Tomorrow would be better." - Sergey Brin


BFU will be better tomorrow than it is today.


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